The  Jewish  Community  of  Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

It is housed in the listed building erected in 1904, at the junction of Venizelou and 13, Agiou Mina Str.

This imposing building, in the heart of the commercial sector, survived the 1917 conflagration, and has since housed the Bank of Attica and the press offices of the French language Jewish newspaper "L' Independant". Exhibited are religious and ceremonial objects, ethnographic material (utensils, costumes), and historical documents (newspapers, photographs, and out of print editions). A specialized library, and film archives, a collection of Sephardic popular songs and accounts of Holocaust survivors, as well as other surviving archival material, such as plans and prints of historical buildings, synagogues, and old maps, are also available. The "SIMON MARKS" section includes on a permanent basis, a copy of the permanent exhibition "Thessaloniki - The Metropolis of Sepharadism", from the Beth Lohamei Hagettaoth kibbutz in Israel, incorporating details of the history of the Jews and their fields of activity up to the time of the Holocaust.

INFO: Tel: +30 231 0250 406

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09:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00


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