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Jewish... and the City


Enjoy an unforgettable and emotional visit


Jewish Salonika, Saloniki as Israeli's say, mother of Israel as Jews used to call her.

As soon as you arrive at Thessaloniki, you realize that the Jewish past is in the air...

We will guide you in a beautiful, emotional, historical and entertaining Saloniki!

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News and Events

UB40 & ANTONIS REMOS live in Thessaloniki!


The legendary reggae band UB40 and the multi-platinum selling Greek singer Antonis Remos will perform together at the Earth’s Theater in Thessaloniki, on 8th of July. Don’t miss the unforgettable concert of the year,  this summer in Thessaloniki!

      From Yerushaiayim to Saloniki

Ferry tickets for the Greek islands and Italy

Thessaloniki SightSeeing

Hop on to an open deck bus to enjoy a city tour and visit the numerous monuments and places of interest of the city.

Private tour with mini van

For those who want a daily trip, an excursion, or a private tour with mini van, VIP TRANSFER FOR ALL has taken care of it. Experienced drivers will take you to the place of your choice, safety and comfortably.

Amazing City Tours


Find the perfect city tour, or design your own !

Exploring the city




Traditional Greek Cuisine, Jewish Sephardic Cuisine




Best places to shop, special discounts



Kosher products in Greece

Daily à la carte KOSHER menu







Drinking coffee is by far one of the greatest pleasures for the Greeks.






Yes, you know about it !



Best places to stay

An overview of the top attractions

Best places to visit in Saloniki

Jewish places of interest




Jewish past



The present



Whispers of Ghosts:

Thessaloniki’s Jewish History

For more than twenty centuries, Thessaloniki was the shelter for the persecuted Jews of Europe. Uprooted throughout their long history from other historical centers of the Diaspora, they were transplanted in this city, creating a large and vibrant Jewish Community, indisputably one of the most important ones in the world, especially during the period 1492­-1943.

Precise indications about the chro­nology of the first settlement of Jews in Thessaloniki are lacking. They may have arrived from Alexandria, Egypt, around 140 BCE. However, we do not possess any hard evidence that would have allowed us to nail down with certainty this event, that remains to this day, an unsolved historical problem.


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Marea Sea Spirit

The lounge is minimal with a mild touch of classy aesthetics and modern decor… located in the most urban corner of the city… may be described as a play between marble and wood, surrounded by magnificent windows that allow all the light in. Two brothers, Stavros and Christos Sotiroudis ... in collaboration with Giorgos Giorgos and Theoktistos Sarasidis, propose a small menu, full of tasteful combinations that bring back old memories and may satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Timeless, urban dishes, yet seen through a creative, fresh look which always relies on fresh raw materials and modern techniques, as well as an up-to-date wine list, combined with the highest quality and impeccable service. You may taste our delicious carpaccio and crayfish tartar with passion fruit, our orzo pasta with shrimps, our smoked eel with wasabi and fresh fish every day, all of which will definitely live up to your expectations. Of course, you should not miss out on the necessary appetizers for a good round of tsipouro. Save up your appetite for the chocolate souffle that will

delight you.



Domino's Pizza

Founded in 1960, Domino's is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets.

Domino's is a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.

Looking for pizza delivery in Thessaloniki? This is the right place for you! Find out the most delicious online exclusive offers and Deals or let us to find the best price according to your basket, order online in just one click and track your order in real time until the doorbell rings. You can always choose to take away your order from our store with even better deals and take the opportunity to see our pizza makers stretching our fresh dough!



Astoria Kosher food

The Restaurant of Astoria Hotel is a certified Kosher Chabad center, providing traditional Greek Kosher meals and Shabbat rituals. Delicious a la carte Kosher menu is offered daily. Special gala menus are available upon request.

Travel tips

General Information


We check the forecasts to help you make informed decisions about long-term trips.


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If you don`t speak Greek, we can suggest you a personal English or Hebrew speaking guide.

Real Estate


We provide consultation for acquiring property in Greece.


Our team suggests:

Real Estate in Greece

Israelis are investing in real estate in Greece

an article by the law firm NEXUS

The residential and commercial real- estate market, as it currently formed in Greece, is a highly profitable market, that sets the ground for many property investments. The collapse of the prices in the urban centers, due to the severe financial crisis of the last decade, along with the great growth of tourism in Athens and Thessaloniki, have made these two cities, a place of opportunities. During the last couple of years, many Israelis have shown great interest in investing in properties in Athens and Thessaloniki, as this is an investment with a very high return (among the higher one can find in EU countries), contrary to the current situation in Israel, where real-estate prices are dramatically high.


The investments already made by Israelis are large ones, such as hotels, malls or block of apartments or smaller ones, such as flats and apartments especially in the heart of the two cities. The options for the potential foreign investors are many, some of them choose to renovate and rent their apartments, having a stable monthly income, they are able to short- term rent their apartments via online platforms, such as Airbnb or they can renovate and re-sell it, making a profit. It should be noted that if the total sum of properties equals (or exceeds) the amount of 250.00 euros a residence-permit for the owner and his/her family members (wife/husband, children, parents) is granted. This permit allows the beneficiaries to stay, study and travel among the EU countries without limitations.


Is it safe to buy property in Greece?


In general, the notarial contract and the certificate of the civil engineer that is required for the notary contract secures that the property being sold is legally built and transferred by the legal owner, while the legal search ensures that the property is free of any burdens (e.g mortgages).




Recent articles

Travel Destinations

By Wendy Gomersall

How to spend 48 hours in Thessaloniki

Founded in 315BC, Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of ancient Greek Macedonia, has been called an open-air museum because of the wealth and diversity of its buildings, churches, monuments, walls and fortresses. It is heaven for history lovers.

Sephardic Recipies from Thessaloniki


From the

'Cookbook of the Jews of Greece'
by Nicholas Stavroulakis (1932-2017)

Lycabettus Press, 1986

‘Traditional’ is always a difficult term to use when being applied to a kitchen. A truly gifted cook is of two sorts - either one who can doggedly follow an accurate recipe so as to re-create exactly the same dish or the more cavalier sort who can innovate and even introduce new and even eccentric twists to old recipes depending on the availability of ingredients or the dominant contemporary ‘culinary’ style. In the case of the cuisine of Thessaloniki this is especially true. For example it is obvious that many of the recipes are not in a direct transmission from the Iberian Peninsula.

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